“Marion on Monet – The Siena Cathedral" - Debuts at James Ratliff Gallery

James Ratliff Gallery is extremely pleased to unveil the latest paintings of artist Bruce Marion which were inspired by a recent trip to Italy. The opening public reception is Friday, November 4th from 5 – 8 P.M. at James Ratliff Gallery which is located at 671 State Route 179, Hillside Sedona, Suites, A1 & A2, Sedona, AZ. Mr. Marion will present his insights and discuss his works with patrons at 6 P.M.

In May of this year, artist Bruce Marion and his wife Lee took a group of 10 art students to Italy for two weeks of inspiration and painting instruction. Headquartered in a private 14th century villa near Florence, and another astounding stone villa just outside of Cortona, they toured, sketched, and painted some of the most beautiful locations in the country.  Throughout the journey, Marion was captivated by the regal ancient Italian architecture, and in particular, by the timeless beauty of the Siena Cathedral.

"Turning a street corner in Siena, and coming upon the cathedral for the first time, I literally lost my breath… it was a thing of wonder and awe, reaching to the heavens in glorious detail,” remembers Marion. Continuing to reflect, Marion recalls , “As I stood across from the cathedral, I became transfixed, and couldn’t help but contemplate how many years before me, Jean Claude Monet was also inspired by Europe’s great cathedrals.”

Bruce Marion

"FInding Your Path"

Bruce Marion

"Countryside Escape"

One of the world’s most-revered artists, Monet focused his talents solely on one of these magnificent structures, for a period of three years. Between 1892 and 1894, he created 32 paintings of Normandy’s Rouen Cathedral. Following his heart in exploring the nuances, color, light, and shadow before him, he sought to capture the ethereal qualities of the sacred building in a manner never-before mastered.
“What led this great innovator to devote so much time to just one building?” mused Marion. “I set my mind to exploring this same subject matter in search of my own answers and discoveries…in search of The Cathedral.”

Marion’s “Siena Cathedral” series will be seen for the first time at his Sedona show, “Marion on Monet- the Sienna Cathedral,” at James Ratliff Gallery. Also on display will be several plein air paintings created during the trip. Bruce Marion’s poetic use of light and shadow and lyrical coloration lend his forms a distinctive glowing quality, as though they’re illuminated from within. Whether interpreting lush landscapes, dynamic cityscapes, the human form, or pure abstracts, his energetic knife work, light and texture come together to ignite his paintings with an energy all their own.

Bruce Marion

"Vista Far Away Dream"

Bruce Marion


Summing up his thoughts Marion explains, “I don’t so much seek to portray a specific locale as to capture a sensory memory of it- as though a camera could somehow photograph a space as seen through your emotions, rather than through your eyes.”
Bruce Marion received his BFA from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he studied with world-renowned artists Pat Nagel, and Lorser Feitelson, the father of Post-Surrealism. He has received several grants to implement month-long art programs for Arizona elementary school students. Marion recently completed a major public commission for the new social sciences and humanities building at Sam Houston State University in Texas. He was a 2013 nominee for the Governors Arts Award for the state of Arizona. Marion’s paintings are enjoyed worldwide.

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"Arcs and Organics", New Work by Cary Henrie
James Ratliff Gallery will be presenting “ "Arcs and Organics", an exhibition of Cary Henrie's new mixed media works, debuts Friday, October 7, at James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, 671 State Route 179, Suites A-1 & A-2, Sedona, AZ 86336, with an opening reception for the artist from 5-8 PM. The artist will make a short talk at 6 PM. "Arcs and Organics" will continue through Sunday, October 16.

Carie Henrie

Arc by Carie Henrie

Carie Henrie

Dusk River by Carie Henrie

According to Henrie, "My paintings are layered oil and acrylic with gesso. They are varnished and glazed on stretched canvas. I truly enjoy trying to create a new look in painting. I enjoyed living and working in New York and studying in detail the work of such Abstract Expressionists as Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still. Also, I traveled throughout the world visiting such places as Bali, Egypt, Israel and Europe. I loved the warm and broken patinas that I saw in the art and architecture. I saw similarities to my native West, particularly weather-beaten landscapes, sandstone textures, patina of rusted metal, contrasted with vast soft sunsets and auras of changing skies. To me, this is the essence of the West. I paint natural elements and atmosphere …… Geometric lines contrast soft forms and focus movement and light.”

Of recent interest to the viewer is Henrie's introduction of authentically-harvested butterflies from South America and Southeast Asia then mounted within birchwood sculptures. Henre's iconic imagery has now become infused with the ephemeral butterfly, symbolizing metamorphosis, transformation and perpetuity. Henrie's art provides eco-awareness and education, sustainability for the rainforest and its butterfly population as well as income for the rainforest gathering peoples.

Of his most recent work Henrie states: "Nature brings peace to one's soul. In "Arcs and Organics", I bring nature right into the collector's home. They easily complement the core of my iconic images and symbols." The latest Henrie creations are dimensional curved wood, marked with Henrie’s unique imagery in paint and incising. His use of natural items within his work, such as reeds, cactus, dried flowers, etc. gives yet another aspect to the work. Henrie now invites the viewer to pass through the newest portal of his work, one that promises a Henrie experience of calm and serenity.

From the rainforest to the gallery, Cary Henrie is constantly “pushing the envelope” bringing peace, joy and beauty to his viewers’ lives while personally evolving artistically. For further information about the work of Cary Henrie or the upcoming exhibition in Sedona contact James Ratliff Gallery.

Cary Henrie

Arc Kanji by Cary Henrie

Cary Henrie

Eclipse Diptych by Cary Henrie

Cary Henrie

Sky Mapping by Cary Henrie