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“Lavender Days and Indigo Nights": Exhibition of New Paintings by John Dawson”

Jan. 29, 2016 - PRLog -- On March 4, James Ratliff Gallery will present an exhibition of new paintings by John Dawson.  “Lavender Days and Indigo Nights” debuts from 5 - 8 PM, Friday, March 4, and the artist will be present.  Dawson will address the public at 6 PM.  This exhibition continues through March 18.  James Ratliff Gallery is located in Hillside Sedona, Suites AST 1 and AST 2 at 671 State Highway 170.

Nationally known for his provocative portraits, Dawson debuts a new emphasis in his exploration of the human psyche in this exhibition.  Dawson says, “The top of the painting is more abstract and the bottom is more realistic.”  Reaching into the heritage of the Old Masters, Dawson combines traditional still life with figures.  In some cases, the work is reminiscent of a Cezanne style as well.

Master Dawson has lifted out the traditions of Hans Holbein.  Now, we don’t have to travel to the Frick Museum of Art!  We can  enjoy this majesty in Sedona.

lavender days "Lavender Days," John Dawson, oil on canvas, 45" x 32"

“The only reason I do it is because it’s fun!” Dawson comments.  Master experimenter, too, in his attempts to merge the past with the present, Dawson paints on wooden panels.  Viewers note figures underneath his overpaintings peek through.  Dawson loves to make drawings and there are those done on bits and pieces.

Whether it’s figures painted in oil on canvas,  mixed media drawings combining etchings, or linoleum block, there’s a literal three-dimensional effect.

The types of wood panels Dawson uses are birch or red oak.  For Dawson, these woods offer subtle textures he prefers.  “Varnishing makes the wood dark and the pencil brighter than relying on naked wood.”

In this March exhibition, Dawson will introduce two 4 x 4 companion piece portraits of DaVinci and Michelangelo.  They are not necessarily a dyptych but could be exhibited together.

Dawson has also been working with monoprints through the production of a blended roll of red, orange and yellow.  “On a palate, they blend,” Dawson says, “On the canvas,  against a background of black, blue and a blended roll making a big square, the splatter is dramatic.”

There will always be that je ne sais quoi about any Dawson work that is always, at once, stamp of the artist causing a gravitational, dramatic, sometimes alarming, encounter.  Listening to Dawson discuss his work, it’s astounding how engaged, fun-loving, and demanding he is of himself,his media, his subject matter. . .hardly the stereotype of the beret-toqued artiste, palate in hand, tucked away in his garret!

  • John Dawson
    The Da Vinci Mode
  • John Dawson
    Lady Novus

“Sedona- A Different Look”
James Ratliff Gallery is proud to present a selection of new paintings by Judy Choate beginning with a public reception called “Sedona – A Different Look”. This is the opening of a show which will run from February 5th through February 19th. The event will be held at James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, 671 State Route 179, Suites A1 and A2, Sedona. And the time will be 5 – 8 P.M.
The artist will be present to meet new friends and greet those of long standing.
  • Judy Choate
    Blue Sky Day - 12x24
  • Judy Choate
    Gold Land - 12x36
  • Judy Choate
    Evening Shadows - 12x24
  • Judy Choate
    Green Plains Pass - 18x24

“My art is created by picturing in my mind what I have observed in travels with my husband across the Southwest and setting it down on canvas my way. Each canvas is a mystery journey and exploration, evolving as I paint. Brush strokes, color, shapes, and negative spaces work together to create vistas to explore and enjoy.”
“My art career was unexpected. It happened fast. I am self-taught and did not realize I was developing my own recognizable style.”

Over the years, Judy had often painted just for enjoyment and these paintings were primarily beautiful, small, delicate watercolors. Neighbors at the time, James and Patricia Ratliff were invited to see these watercolors. Jim suggested that Judy might want to try painting with acrylics and to use larger canvases. Over a period of months, these early paintings developed into the pre-cursors of the vibrant, powerful, high definition paintings now being so successfully created by Choate.
Today Judy Choate has become an internationally known artist with paintings gracing households in Canada, Europe, Japan and South Korea in addition to the many paintings hanging on walls all over the USA. In recent years, Choate has been juried into the nationally famous Mountain Oyster Club Contemporary Western Art Show and Sale in Tucson. In the past this show had included only traditional Western art, but for the last 4 years Choate’s beautiful landscapes have found their way onto the walls of the Mountain Oyster Club Art Show. In 2015 there were around 500 entries from which 200 artists’ works were accepted. Two of Judy’s paintings were among those which were accepted; they subsequently sold.
In only about 7 years of acrylic painting, Choate’s innate abilities have brought her to the level of becoming a noted painter on the world stage!

James Ratliff Gallery cordially invites the public to visit, meet the artist at the reception on February 5th and enjoy “Sedona - A Different Look”, new paintings by Judy Choate.

  • Judy Choate
    Clouds of Cover - 16x12
  • Judy Choate
    Twilight - 12x24
  • Judy Choate
    Radiant Afternoon- 48x48

James Ratliff Gallery Presents "Using Landscapes As Windows"
James Ratliff Gallery will present a show of landscape paintings by  four different artists each of whom is a master in his/her style and media.  The opening reception is Friday, Jan. 1, 2016.

“Using Landscape Paintings as Windows”  exhibits  the personal selection of James Ratliff from the gallery's collection of landscape paintings, as Ratliff views the potential of landscape art works to  enhance, widen, alter, or bring what's outside inside, thereby creating a personalized interior space for home or office.  The result?  The space comes alive through landscapes that brighten, add interest, provoke thought, engage memories, become yours! That wall whose window reveals a look at the neighbor's wall or an unusable niche are some opportunities to personalize the interior of home or office by hanging a landscape painting over it!    Change your space at will with the landscape of your choice!

Desert Dusk 48x36 - Greg Heil

Greg Heil  is a young artist who specializes in Arizona landscapes and  travels to the locations he paints to memorialize these areas .  He often sketches and/or takes photos and then returns to his studio to do the actual oil painting which  is interpreted through his  artistic sensibilities.   Heil’s color choices are magical and his paintings can only be called “magic realism” and make wonderful “landscape windows”.

Autumn Bronze 48x36 - Cary Henrie

Cary Henrie paints landscapes which often have a wonderful sort of old world charm to them.  Many also have a unique frame painted on the canvas itself which adds to the feeling of peering through a window or aged wall in a European village.

Monsoon Rain 72x48 - Judy Choate

Another way of bringing  landscape into a home in place of a window is through a more abstract painting  as created by Judy Choate.  Choate’s work is also inspired by her travels through various kinds of scenery.   She is very influenced by the skies’ moving clouds and the changes which have happened  to mountains and rock formations through the movement of wind and water.

Georgia's Muse 36x36 - Lelija Roy
Shimmering Stillness 48x36 - Bruce Marion

 Vivid colors,  brilliant light, and billowing clouds portend change. And different yet is the inspired painting of Bruce Marion.  Marion works in series of paintings one of which is titled “Vista”.   Consider this selection from Marion's Vista series,  Shimmering Stillness.     As can be imagined, this painting is quiet in feeling, quite abstract and there’s a sense of almost losing the boundary between water and sky.     An Impressionist,  Marion also paints with texture created through underpainting most canvases.  He uses a palette knife to add even more texture and feeling of depth to his works.

Where Night Begins 32x24 - Jody Ahrens

These landscapes are elegant, timeless and Universal is feeling. James Ratliff Gallery, in its desire to have very happy clients, provides on site consulting services to collaborate with clients.  Ratliff is very willing to accommodate the client by delivering any art work to a Sedona, Flagstaff  or Phoenix area home so any doubt about how it will look can be directly addressed.   James Ratliff Gallery encourages people to take advantage of this opportunity if it would be helpful.  This service  of James Ratliff Gallery and is free of charge, and if the piece isn’t quite the one, it just comes back to the gallery to be sold to another lucky person.
“Using Landscape Paintings as Windows” will open with a public reception on Friday, January 1, 2016 and continue through January 31st.  The address is 671 State Route 179, Suites A1 & A2, Hillside Sedona.