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“Brighten Up Your Walls – An Exhibition of Color ”

Brighten Up Your Walls – An Exhibition of Color will be the focus of James Ratliff Gallery beginning with a public reception on Friday, July 1 from 5-8 P.M and continuing through the month of July.

Fall River

"Fall River" - Greg Heil

The other day I was talking with a gallery visitor who, without any prompting, mentioned how if someone put a painting such as Heil’s “Fall River” (to which she pointed) in a dark part of a room, it would serve to brighten it up immediately! She was so right about that!

There are many types of paintings which either actually use very bright colors such as a brilliant red, pink, orange or yellow. But the word “bright” doesn’t necessarily mean red, orange, pink or yellow. Sometimes the object or scenery painted has been given a special “glow” by the artist which isn’t necessarily the same as using a bright color. Also a lightened version of any color, such as Heil’s sky, creates a brighter feeling. And when a dark room or space has a painting such as Heil’s “Fall River” hanging in it….it automatically becomes more alive. The painting called “Flyin’ Home” by Cary Henrie, , really demonstrats what more muted colors in the hand of a painting master can create in the way of aliveness in a painting.

Flying Home

"Flying Home" - Cary Henrie

Radiant Afternoon

"Radiant Afternoon" - Judy Choate

The very vivid use of color in Judy Choate’s painting called “Radiant Afternoon” really seems to appeal to many people who relate to these stirring colors. This type of color usage can bring any darkened space to life and when the light of the day changes, her colors really also do a remarkable journey through the range of colors with which she endows her work.

Joseph Bellacera whose paintings are often very abstract still creates a magnificent glow with his understanding and use of color. In the painting called “Genesis #1”, even though much of the coloration is fairly dark, what is light in color really serves to bring a glow to the entire artwork and serves the painting title very well.

Genesis #1

"Genesis #1" - Joseph Bellacera

So these 4 paintings show how any of a variety in painting styles can bring life and light to a dark part of a room. And this is just a small sample of a huge range of artwork.

So when a room needs some brightening or livening up, color can definitely make a huge difference in how we feel emotionally as well as set the general tone for the day!!

““Colors of Nature – Landscapes “, oil paintings by Greg Heil”
“Colors of Nature – Landscapes “, oil paintings by Greg Heil, opens with a public reception on Friday, June 3rd and continues through June 18th, at James Ratliff Gallery, Hillside Sedona, 671 State Route 179, Suites AST-1 & 2, Sedona, AZ. Heil will give a short talk at 6 P.M. during this reception.

Heil, popular and established landscape painter, is well known to residents of Sedona and visitors alike, both nationally and internationally. Jim Ratliff expands by saying “I’m very, very excited to present Greg Heil’s latest work. He’s an outstanding young artist who captures the spirit of glorious landscapes . His use of color and composition is unmatched.”

Greg sees the connection with nature as an important one for humanity but fears many may not have the ability to experience these places for various reasons. Some locations are so desolate and far from cities that good roads and maps are lacking. Artists throughout history have used paintings to depict places many had not seen. One such artist was Thomas Moran whose beautiful scenes of the Grand Canyon and other incredible natural wonders of America filled the hearts and minds of East coast residents and kick started the western expansion.

Heil passionately says, “Painting is a magical thing - it can transpose reality or fantasy into the medium of paint. Painting involves physical action unlike most of the modern digital world of screens and smart phones. Take your hand across a painting. It’s like a brail of reality permanently preserved onto canvas. This is why art is cherished, why an artist’s hand is valued, and why paintings are never to be taken for granted. In a world where images and media are disposable, paintings are held in high regard by being an expression of our time and a history lesson for all those that will come after us.”

“Color is emotion but it also tells us much about what a place is. Warm colors of red and orange, much like the rocks of the land, create the sense of warmth we instinctively relate to fire whereas the deep blues of the sky and greens of the plants are the cools we associate with water. This contrast of warmth and coolness creates the beauty by which we as humans are drawn to the landscapes”, explains Heil. Heil uses this dichotomy of color to create the illusion of a physical space where warm rocks and cool waters exist and can be felt by the viewer of his paintings. Color is also resonance and vibration – colors together can fight or get along. This is where color creates the relationships by which the dichotomy can exist in a state of unification – a completed painting.

In wrapping up his thoughts, Heil states, “The feeling is more important than the reality of what it is. The emotion is what humans impart onto our physical existence. Our association with the land cannot be experienced without the conduits of our minds. Everyone is unique and our visions are just as important as the physical reality we claim IS reality – but is it? This is the question artists spend all of eternity trying to answer.”

Greg Heil

Greg Heil

Greg Heil

Greg Heil

Greg Heil

Greg Heil has collectors around the world - all responding to his visions created within the borders of the canvas and depicting the amazing state of Arizona. Please visit James Ratliff Gallery to meet Greg Heil and enjoy these truly beautiful paintings for yourself!

Greg Heil