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“James Ratliff Gallery & Mountain High Flowers Collaborate with Art in Bloom”

Great minds think alike. In keeping with the spirit of creative, unusual and exciting programs for the public, James Ratliff Gallery, located at Hillside Sedona. 671 Hwy 179, Suites A1 & A2, Sedona, AZ 86336, will debut a refreshing exhibition of selected works by gallery artists paired with individually-created floral arrangements by the designer team of Sedona's Mountain High Flowers in a special one-night exhibition named "Art in Bloom" onFriday, September 2 from 5 - 8 P.M.

Tri-Spiral Sculpture

Sedona Mountain Flowers floral arrangement - Cary Henrie "Tri-Spiral Sculpture"

Disappearing into Dreams

"Disappearing into Dreams" by Lelija Roy - Flowers by Mountain High Flowers

"Art in Bloom" is a concept James Ratliff has had on his mind for the last 35 years. Ratliff says: "I have always thought it would be exciting to combine the art of floral arrangement with the gallery's works of art."

Kim Dwyer, Proprietor of Mountain High Flowers, welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with James Ratliff Gallery because of the availability and variety of work the gallery's artists represent: "Martha Aaron manages our team and she selected gallery works which will be included in the show. The "Art in Bloom" exhibition provides a marvelous brainstorming experience for the combined 45 years' expertise of our team who will individually produce arrangements to accompany each work of art on exhibit."

On September 2 Martha Aaron will demonstrate how she conceives and designs her nature-inspired floral art pieces as well as answer questions. "This event's significance to me is how it showcases trends and inspiration from many sources. Here we'll have one night to jointly present it to the public."

A Silent Auction for the benefit of Sedona's Meals on Wheels will be conducted September 2. Kim Dwyer recounts her shop donates some 500 single stem flowers to grace each tray delivered to Meals on Wheels Sedona senior homes weekly. Dwyer says, "The Society of American Florists has documented the positive effects of flowers in its Flowers & Seniors Study and Emotional Impact of Flowers Study . . View study." James Ratliff Gallery is thrilled to provide the impetus, paintings and space for this co-operative event

“Look, But Ask Before Touching….Texture in Art”
James Ratliff Gallery will be presenting “Look, But Ask Before Touching….Texture in Art” with the opening public reception on Friday, August 5th. The time is 5-8 P.M. and the location is James Ratliff Gallery located in Hillside, Sedona, 671 State Route 179, Suites A1 and A2, lower level. The textured paintings of artists Lelija Roy, Bruce Marion and Francine Markoe will be featured.

When an artist chooses to create a textural effect in his/her work, it just seems to invite “touching”. Some artists are fine with that and even encourage it….others….not so much! So it’s always a good idea to ask gallery personnel if it’s permitted.

Roy, Markoe and Marion's works are great examples of how layered art media, adhered objects from various other sources such as marble dust to actual rock slabs are used to enhance a painting and varies enormously from artist to artist. In some paintings the amount of paint, implements used and the way it’s applied creates interesting texture as well.

The results are quite interesting because a deeper sense of depth, a sense of motion and in Marion’s work, a special diffused sense of the light is created. Stop in and see for yourself!

Francine Markoe

Blue Green Lanscape by Francine Markoe

Lelija Roy

Forest Ballet by Lelija Roy

Lelija Roy

Vanishing into Winter by Lelija Roy

Bruce Marion

Vista Shadow Dance by Bruce Marion

Bruce Marion

Vista Vivid by Bruce Marion