Mixed media.
"When viewers see my work, I hope they sense in my unusual organic forms a love of the natural environment- desert, mountains, ocean, the vast sky, even the cosmos. I paint spontaneously, trying to capture the fluid motion and energy.
On both medium size and small-12 large formats, I like to use bold acrylic colors to create dynamic patterns which seem to erupt from the canvas with volcanic force. In some of my mixed media work, I place color over prepared layers of different substances or I incorporate pieces of natural rock and stone to achieve heavily textured surfaces."

Francine Markoe

Francine Markoe
Desert Sand

36" x 48"

Francine Markoe
Ocean Boldness

38" x 48"

Francine Markoe
Heart Land

36" x 60"

Francine Markoe
Color Fantasy

40" x 40"

Francine Markoe
Bronze Abstract

42" x 54"